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Texas Hill Country Seed Packs

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Texas Hill Country Seed Packs – 2 grams

Product Description

Texas Hill Country Seed Packs — 2 grams

This bee-friendly seed pack is perfect for any gardener or home owner who is trying to attract more pollinating bees onto their property. This seed packed contains more than thirty types of Texas Hill Country seeds that are sure to captivate the attention of our six-legged, fuzzy little friends. Seeds such as the Texas Bluebonnet, Indian Blanket and Sunflowers should be planted in the fall for best yield. Due to the variety of the seeds in this packet, there will always be something in bloom for the bees to pollinate year-round!

Ingredients: Texas Hill Country seeds

*Your purchase proceeds go directly to support the no-kill beehive rescue, relocation, and education efforts happening daily at the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. Thank you.

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Weight1 oz
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